Pipe cutting


Pipe cutting using a specific, portable machine tool offers advantages in terms of time, cutting accuracy, preparation of the end sections to be welded and without heating the material in the areas to be cut. Alternatively, a saw can be used for small diameters.

There are practically no limitations in terms of materials, thicknesses or diameters that can be cut for the most widespread uses in processing plants.

The machine tool is anchored around the piping to be cut and cuts by means of the rotating movement of the ring gear that supports the machine tool post.

Our machine tools cut from 4" to 48" and, with special applications and prior notice, up to 86".
The roughness available goes from 2.2mm Ra to 6.3mm Ra (125 to 250 CLA). The tolerances go from +0.6 mm with an angle tolerance of 0.5°.