A journey into competence


TTA was founded in 2011.
It is the result of the passion of its founders aware of being able to create a benchmark for the solution of problems of repairing for manufacturers of reactors and heat exchangers for OIL & GAS thermo-electric and nuclear power plants. TTA is the solution for specialist mechanical maintenance  for plants such as refineries or production units in the energy sector

This belief derives from thirty years of experience in small medium and large companies of mechanical maintenance services for chemical and petrochemical oil plants

The goal was offering a very high level of specialization where quality, precision and peculiarity prevail over the massive provision of standardized services.
It has been achieved thanks to a policy based on investments in personnel and equipment.

Today TTA has an organization that is the balanced mix between the enthusiasm of prepared and motivated young people and the experience of “old”, skilled and qualified technicians who work with top-level equipment that covers almost all the working ranges


TTA was founded in 2011 as an equipment rental company for specialized industrial maintenance activities.

The logo and the acronym (Torque Tension Assistance) recall and refer to the controlled tightening.
In fact the first evolution of the company was to offer not only the equipment but also the training to end users in order to ensure a complete service.

Soon customers started asking for maintenance activities and the company chose to evolve  to respond to requests, becoming in fact a service company.

In 2014 TTA  gave itself a formal organization starting from the technical office, administrative office, site managers, and operational teams.

Later it obtained the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 process certifications.

In 2017 it tripled its turnover so that it needed a new site of over 1000 square meters.

In 2020 new equipment purchased, more work volume  caused the need for a new warehouse.

Later  it obtained ISO 45001 certification